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Monday, August 10, 2009

You Are Dead to Me! My First Twitter Block

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If you read one of my previous posts - 10 Reasons I Will Not Follow You Back on Twitter - then you know I have a set of criteria that governs the decision whether or not to follow back.

Generally that is enough. If I'm not following them, I don't see their updates and no worries. However, there is one step beyond the passive "not following," and that is to block someone. If you get email alerts that someone is following you, the link to block them is right there in the email. When you visit someone's profile, in the column to the right you will see "block" user (just under "message" if they're following you). Tweetdeck has it on the avatar under the "Other" star > User > Block.

What is blocking?
When you block someone, you do not see their updates, they do not see yours, and they are not able to follow you.

Why would anyone block?
As I said, just not following is fine. And PersonXYZ (no, I will not say who) was ignored for multiple reasons: 0 updates, no profile pic or location information or bio information. But then PersonXYZ followed me again. And then again. At the third time I sent PersonXYZ a direct message stating that I only follow accounts that add value and they had no updates. Then I was followed again.

And that is why I blocked PersonXYZ. If you're not going to add value and constantly follow me over and over again, that is annoyance and lowering the value you add to a negative number. Done.

There are dozens of other valid reasons to block someone, and I'll cover that in a future post. But this was my first official block and I wanted to share that experience with you and - if you've never done it - let you know that it's okay. It's part of the etiquette cycle within Twitter.

What are your thoughts? Should blocking be used more liberally? Never at all? Comments always open.

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