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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday Twitter News: Western Wall, Stable Tweets, and NBA vs. Twitter and Law

It's time for the Twitter headlines of the week. Yay!

Western Wall
You can now Tweet your prayers to the Western Wall.
Economics student Alon Nil delivers Twitter prayer messages to the Western Wall, which was part of the Jewish Second Temple of Jerusalem destroyed by the Romans in AD 70. At this sacred spot, people from around the world stuff prayers written on pieces of paper into the cracks of the wall.
Check out the tutorial here.

Stable Twitter?
Don't we all wish for it?. Between the recent DDOS and the apparent scalability, it's a lingering issue. Thoughts?

Knicks' Nate Robinson
Story reads as such:
Nate Robinson hasn't been able to get signed in New York since becoming a free agent this off-season, but Tuesday he was able to get booked up in The Bronx, charged with driving with a suspended license. Cops say they pulled Robinson over for not having his seat belt on while driving down the Grand Concourse in Bedford Park, but the Knicks' two-time dunk contest champion tweeted, "Cops pulled me over cuz my windows were 2 dark (but my windows were down) lol how funny is that." Doesn't an NBA star get tinted windows specifically for 95 degree days driving down the Grand Concourse? In any case, cops discovered that Robinson's license had been suspended in June for the fifth time after a series of infractions around the area including traffic violations, speeding, driving without his seat belt on and for driving while talking on a cell phone.
And I can only hope most people - worldwide - have a better sense in them.

But then I'd be denied some of this weekly entertainment.

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