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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

United Healthcare: Prostitute Message?

Recent commercial from United Healthcare:

This is a great example of an unfortunate (or purposeful) advertising experience. The ad is fine, the message works, but then there's the music behind it; it's Lykke Li's "Get some" and the music at the end applies to the lyrics:
Like the shotgun need an outcome
I'm your prostitute, you gon get some


In its own right, it's a catchy song and Lykke Li a talented artist I've been listening to for a while. But does United Healthcare really want to posture itself with the refrain of a song that includes the word "prostitute?"

Your thoughts and comments are welcome.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Giving Thanks ...for My Life

Back from a wonderful weekend visiting my family up in Cleveland, it's hard not to reflect on giving thanks, as my very life was in danger the whole time.

After almost 500 miles of highway traveling, my wife, daughter, dog, and I got back to Cincinnati safe and sound. I ventured out to Kroger to pick up an easy dinner of pizza rolls and some staples for the house. During a slow turn after a stop, my left front wheel decided to detach from the steering mechanism and point in a direction contrary to my right front tire; I'd lost a tie rod.

Within minutes, seven guys were out of their cars pushing me to the sidewalk (literally linebacker-ing the dead weight - thank goodness it was raining and slick). I called AAA and all was well. But if that had happened at ANY point over the previous 4 days, specifically the drive there and back, my family's life would've been in terrible danger.

Shout-out to Ceiling Cat. I owe you one.