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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Yay! Search Engine Marketing and All Things Web!

My name is Eric Marschall and I am the owner of EJM Designs Limited, providing quality web design, consulting, and internet marketing, based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

EJM Designs Limited Search Marketing, Web Design, and Consulting

Background: I've been designing graphics for ten years now, having gone from television to print to web in the process. Web design and development have been my forte for the last eight years. And for the past five years I've been making clients happy through my expertise in search engine marketing.

Just because I focus on search engine marketing in my professional world, that will not be the sole purpose of this blog. I love all things tech and internet and regularly spend time devouring sites like BoingBoing, DVICE, and XKCD. I have an eclectic and distinctive taste in music which has been sitting on CBC Radio 3 (Canadian indie) for the past few weeks, and if I get thirty minutes to turn on my 360, I may just complain about how much of a pain it is to knock off a Big Daddy, even with the grenade launcher.

Not to worry - I also keep on the edge of what is going on in the search engine marketing world and will offer links, opinions, and original articles as they pertain to Google, Yahoo, Ask, and ...has anyone heard from Microsoft Live lately? Quick! Put a mirror in front of his mouth.

Obviously, in the coming days you'll see changes in the look and feel of the blog as I squeeze my own template into this architecture, add links, etc.

Join the conversation, post a comment, send me an email (visible in my profile) if you have an idea or opinion or insight or question. I'm looking forward to being a part of the community as myself.

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