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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

CNN: You Need a Web Presence

If you didn't believe it before, believe it now: You need a web presence.

Today, CNN Money tossed out a great business article. #10: Get online. Now.

It's the basis of the ideas that run EJM Designs: we provide an online presence, make an online presence usable, and make a usable online presence visible to search engines.

Over 80% of American adults are online now, and the internet has easily taken the place of the Yellow Pages. The difference between the Yellow Pages and the internet is that despite a simple listing of your business online, you need a presence. You need to be found when people are looking for you, especially locally.

If you are not online, especially in this economy, you risk limiting the value your business holds for others. You risk people who need your services, who would be your customers or clients not making their way to your door.

Contact us. Contact someone else. But get online. Now is more important than ever.

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