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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Google Pushes in the Right Direction

Oooh, snap! I talked the other day about how Google was working its way in to the Obama administration. Prime mover: network neutrality.

Biased primer: without network neutrality, corporations and money will decide how fast you get access to what you want to see on the internet by controlling (tightening / loosening / freeing) bandwidth for whomever pays them money. It's like The Godfather, but for the internet, and at a point where you can merge TimeCop and Godfather III and you can go back in time and put a cap in that guy's --

So the point here is that Google is letting users search for those filthy blockers.

This is a potential technology disaster, and I welcome Google to put the pick-axe in the back of the skull of the guy wearing the cable mask. Even if all that means is the most basic horror movie tenet: Turning on the lights.

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