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Monday, January 26, 2009

World's Largest Snowball Fight: Epic Fail

As the Sioux City Journal (?) reported, organizer Mike Basak of the University of Wisconsin-Madison tried to trump Michigan Technological University's 2006 record snowball fight involving 3,600 attendees.

Hey, more than 4,000 people joined the Facebook group! Only it was just a couple hundred that showed up. Reasons given were that it was too cold or there was a basketball.

Of course Mike, a freshman, should've been tipped off by his senior year Facebook group experience where 15 people joined "Hey Totally TP Michelle Oplatki's House Cause She Broke Up With Me" but he was the only one to show up to her house. That's if you don't count Michelle's dad, already on the porch with a shotgun.

The real life lesson here, while not uplifting, is that much of the world is well aware that some people already flaunt verbal commitment. Online gives them even more distance as in "I didn't even say anything, just clicked something on a whim."

Which returns me, yet again, to a theme that is apparently going to - rightfully - run through this blog. Technology is good for us. Web sites and search engine optimization and usability and social networks just...work for us. But it's not just a game. It's not just numbers and avatars and network connections. Every link is a person. And if we don't get off our asses and use this technology as a tool to connect in the real world, we will inevitably fall into a recursive pattern of leaning back, clicking, and occasionally smiling. But only occasionally.

Because quoting "Why's the carpet all wet Todd?" "I don't know Margo!" is just not that great unless you get that immediate recognition and - hopefully - chuckle.

I'm going to have to start a movie blog.

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