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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Eastern Hills Journal (Community Press) Small Business Spotlight

The Eastern Hills Journal (Community Press for our chunk of the East Side of Cincinnati) printed a great article highlighting EJM Designs Limited in the Small Business Spotlight. Lisa Wakeland did a great job on the piece. Since not everyone in Cinci gets this form of the paper (and those outside of Cinci don't have access to it), I've posted it here.

The article came out in print today (07/08/09), and I'd just link to the web version of the article, but Community Press technically posted the article online - much to my chagrin - June 2nd and their 30 day purge of online articles has passed. But you can still see the electronic version here - article on B1.

Front Page of Eastern Hills Journal EJM Designs Limited

Article on B1 of Eastern Hills Journal EJM Designs Limited

For anyone in the area who owns a small business, you may be wondering: "How'd you get that?" Here's the secret: when I saw the feature I contacted the journalist. I find in my dealings with other small businesses that some owners have a tendency to take the word "small" and make it a part of their being, a part of the core of their business. This leads to a subconscious view of self in the diminutive sense.

You never land if you don't jump. You don't sign the contract if you don't make the call. EJM Designs Limited is only "small" right now because it's not "big." But it's moving in that direction. Don't think small and push; think big and pull.

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