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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harry Potter and Other Twitter News

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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Tweet

Last night at midnight saw the first showings of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (and it reportedly pulled in $22 million just in those showings). Not surprisingly, there was some Twitter activity coming out of those showings.

Whether or not folks who could not make it sat, glued to their computers waiting for tweets tagged with #hp6 and #harrypotter does not concern me so much as the violation of a glaring cell phone screen periodically popping up, distracting me from a movie I paid $10 to view. I tweet just about everything I do that relates to social media or web design or might be interesting to my followers. But tweeting through a movie is an issue of respect towards others, and a line I will not cross.

Twitter Reality Show?

Called "The Final Tweet," here's the pitch:
In this choose your own adventure type journey the players rely partially on the influence and knowledge of their twitter followers and supporters, the strength of their teamwork, and their ambition to advance them from spot to spot... and bringing them one step closer to that final tweet. Teams will unite, squabble and laugh, looking forward to what Twitter Headquarters has up their sleeves. Twitter followers at home will live and play their journey as the teams document themselves by tweeting updates.

I know. I just threw up a little too. Maybe we can start a reality show that works on the premise of enacting pilots for the most miserable reality show imaginable. But these guys are out. That's a ringer if I ever saw one.

Tweeting the Crime

26-year-old Annemarie Dooling, a NY web producer and social media nut was present when her bank was robbed. So she tweeted right after it happened, through her role as a questioned witness.

At first it was cool. RT's all around!

Then the internet made it ugly. People without all the facts assumed she tweeted through the process of the robbery. She got nasty tweets. By yesterday evening, she had hidden her updates.

One of the downsides of Twitter is that it allows for the acceleration of ignorant consumers to jump to uninformed conclusions. I wish Annemarie luck.

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