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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Yahoo Registration Fail

In the ever-expanding world of fine-tuning EJM Designs Limited, I recently switched my AIM and Yahoo IM names to fall more in line with branding. The old one was "estragon420," and while 420 is there because it's my wedding anniversary, I've received more than one comment about it being a marijuana reference. And how professional is that?

AIM is a stinker because it doesn't allow any non-alpha-numeric characters, so I couldn't have a straight "eric.ejmdesigns" for all my IM parts.

But the story here was a delicious fail from Yahoo:

Yahoo registration fail

Note to Yahoo's dev crew: mm/dd/yyyy is a very standard format for dates. Unfortunately, "mm" is generally - no, always - a reference to the two digit representation for the month. Not the whole word. Perhaps QA was on vacation that week?

Goofs aside, you can view my new AIM/YIM in the right column. Drop me a line sometime, even just to say Hi.

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