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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Palm Pre - Geeking Out for June 6th

I love gadgets of all kind, especially when it comes to high technology. But I've always been reasonable about it: while early adopters get it first, they also end up with the most headaches and bugs and problems.

I'm sitting with and currently happy with Sprint, so iPhone has never been an option. And then I saw this previewed:

Palm Pre
Palm Pre

Tuesday the Wall Street Journal had the official scoop: release on June 6th.

But what's the buzz? Slick look, lean new OS, sick docking system, $200 with contract, and everyone drooling over the upcoming iPhone says it's going to suck.

I do believe that means it's for me. Even if it means getting in line before the store opens.

Have you heard anything about this phone? Should I be considering something else? What is your personal gadget pron? Let me know in comments.

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