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Friday, May 15, 2009

What Are Your Feelings on a Face?

My current avatar/image thing for all my social media is a lovely, lower-case "e" with a semi-transparent, desaturated version of the main graphic feature on my website. But it's impersonal, and I plan to change that in the next week.

"How do you plan to change it, Eric?" you ask. By doing what most people do for their images: use a picture of my face.

My question today is: What are your feelings about the avatars people use? Does seeing a smiling face imbue that person with an aura of trustworthiness? Does a logo or non-face do the opposite, as though a wall is up? And - finally - what are your thoughts on someone's baby or pet plugged in as their avatar?

I'll post on all these things and more as soon as I get my own mug up there, but wanted to know what you were feeling.

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