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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Marketing of Pixar's Brave

After taking a bit of an "I'm just busy" hiatus, we're back to bring inspiration along with a hefty dose of SEO, SEM, marketing, social media, and all things geek and tech. This falls into a couple different categeories.

I saw yesterday that Pixar released a new, more expanded version of their upcoming movie Brave. Here it is:

Looks pretty amazing - which is what I say every time a new Pixar movie comes out (exception: Cars2 *shudder*). But then I saw someone else posted Pixar's Japanese version of the trailer (with subtitles):

The difference in content, focus, and tone is remarkable. Obviously the American version is pandering to what the brand of Pixar itself means to the American public, its family-focus, bring the kids, not scary at all, ha-ha funny. It appears the Japanese version focuses more on developing the story and culture and leaving us with a serious linger on mystery and potential danger. And while I think their branding/marketing is spot on for the masses, the Japanese version makes me want to see it more.

What do you think? Are they spot-on with their marketing? Should they have done something different? Which one do you like better?

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