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Monday, September 21, 2009

Lacking for Inspiration

This morning, inspiration wasn't an inherent quality in my drive to write to you today; I had to search for it.

There weren't any specific quotes that stuck out for me, or perhaps today I could simply not remember them.

I went through my morning exercises in order to drive up some emotion on it, to have something bubble to the surface, but wasn't inspired by any of the ideas that passed through my calming mind.

I paged through some books about business and about spirituality and even about quotes. I googled inspiration (and even used Bing). But came up empty. Oh, there was plenty of material out there, anything I could simply masticate and spit out sickly sweet to the world about how to drive and move the world, but I was not particularly driven or moved by the words. And being true to myself in passing along information like this is truly important to me.

I don't just fish out some glurge from the swamps of the internets and hose it off and put it in a pretty box and say "here: use this."

And I'm still looking, though I'm not sure I'll find it today.

And that's reality. Unfortunately, today you get not direct inspiration but a realistic vision of life: sometimes, some days, inspiration is difficult to come by and it just won't stick. Sometimes in searching and trying so hard to light that fire, by the time you find it you're exhausted for trying. Sometimes you have to accept that today's not a driver, not blow-out, crazy, get everything done kind of day. And you have to be okay with that.

I guess in that comes another kind of inspiration: knowing tomorrow will be a better day.

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