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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Joining the Cincinnati AMA

Cincinnati AMA Logo

A couple weeks ago I joined the Cincinnati chapter of the American Marketing Association. It wasn't an easy decision in that joining any organization that requires a monetary commitment requires a great deal of research to make sure the investment is worth it.

By "worth it," I do not mean just making connections that might open some leads and eventually web design or SEO contracts. For me, I was looking for a new networking opportunity that would allow me to meet many people in the Cincinnati area. I want to meet other professionals who are running their own business. I would like to see active groups and enriching experiences. And I want to be a resource to others, to be able to give even before receiving.

After my research into the AMA and the swell of testimonials both online and in person of how "worth it" the AMA is, joining was the easiest decision I've made. It appears that the resources are there and it will become everything I want to make it.

I'll write more about the results after getting involved and attending a handful of events.

Remember that networking in that old-fashioned way of "in person" can be the most rewarding and a smile and a handshake can make your day.

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