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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Results on a Niche: Jaguar Grooming in Cincinnati, Ohio

I recently posted about gaining a niche. That niche was for Jaguar Grooming in Cincinnati, Ohio.

jaguar grooming cincinnati oh

As you can see, a search on Google for "jaguar grooming cincinnati" popped me up at #1 (minus the sponsored links, of course).

Because it's so specialized, "jaguar grooming" itself only tops my post by a single Flickr account with an actual jaguar grooming itself.

But that's the crazy thing about the internet and Google rankings. This post itself will alter the results I am currently reporting upon. Which is another lesson: SEO and internet rankings are always in flux.

So grab onto your niche. Own it. Figure out exactly what your customers or clients are searching for, make it a part of your site and blog and Twitter, et. al.

Make it yours.

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