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Friday, March 20, 2009

Joe Kowalski and RetainingWallExpert and Gary Sullivan

I don't usually throw out my clients as blog subjects, but a good friend and client of mine, Joe Kowalski, runs the site RetainingWallExpert.com. Joe is a brilliant engineer here in Cincinnati and I've been lucky enough to work with him in the past couple months through EJM Designs Limited to develop some interactive ideas and implementations for his current site.

Joe has quite a following here in Cincinnati and nationally for what he does, so it's exciting from a personal and local event to find that he's going to be live on "At Home with Gary Sullivan" tomorrow morning at 9am. National audience, national exposure, and his business and talent gets the recognition it deserves.

And if you're not in Cincinnati, it's surprisingly difficult to find affiliates that have picked up Gary's show, but you can listen live at WKRC's website or, of course, on the actual radio at 550 AM.

Joe Kowalski, RetainingWallExpert.com and local Cincinnati entrepreneur on Gary Sullivan Saturday, March 21, 2009 at 9am.

I'm always happy when someone makes good for themselves, especially when they're local, and it's a friend of mine.

Have a great weekend!

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