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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Social Marketing to California

My little brother, a videographer and production specialist, is currently living in Cleveland, Ohio, and at the end of March will be moving out to Southern California to make his fortune and follow his dream in the film and television industry.

He has years of camera and managing experience with the Cleveland Indians, Cavs, and Monsters. He's even appeared in a baseball card: Baseball Card #125 in 2008 Upper Deck.

My bro is the guy in the bkd with the camera

He's done an amazing job prepping himself in saving money, pulling together valid contacts in the area, and planning appropriately.

Millions of people, by exposure to movies or culture or their own hopes have wanted to drop everything and follow their dreams. To California, to New York, to the local Big City. This has a huge vicarious potential.

So tonight when we spoke I proposed the following scenario:

Adam Marschall, brilliant artist, will be traveling to California. He will start a blog about the preparations of his journey. He will start a Twitter logging his moves and feelings. He will eventually post videos about the process.

During the road trip he will Twitter live and post to his blog with photos from his cell. When he gets there, the blog posts and tweets continue with at-least bi-weekly YouTube posts talking about the process and how it is going for him.

And he will post a sidebar link on his blog for PayPal donations to his cause.

So my post is really a call for ideas and insights on my brother as a mini-project:

Am I missing any opportunities?

What are your thoughts?

I appreciate any input, even if it's "Sure, I'd follow that."

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