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Thursday, January 14, 2010

MSN Tech-NO: The Microsoft-Google Synchronized FAIL Team

So if I go to Google - as I am wont to do - and were to type in, for instance, tech gadgets I get to see this:


Note that the #2 non-sponsored link is MSN's Tech Page. Okay, that's cool. Maybe I should check that out. *click*


BOO! MSN! Google! Boo!

FYI, the timed redirect goes to MSNBC's Tech page. This is an absolute SEO FAIL in a couple ways and both are to blame:
  • Google is listing at #2 a page that no longer exists.

  • Google is listing at #2 a page that has a timed redirect.

  • Microsoft did not post a 301 permanent redirect.

For someone who is in the industry and knows what they're doing, this is saddening and disheartening. It's an obvious glitch on a prominent sample in a system that says that listing should not exist. I'm not saying I don't expect goofs and oversight every once in a while. But goofs and oversights are small. This is pretty big. And it's either saying "Google and MSN not only trip but sometimes even fall" or "If you're big enough and talk to the right people, you don't have to follow the rules."

I hope it's the former.

[sidenote: Good on Google for banging the drums against China!]

What're your thoughts?

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