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Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Video Roundup: NASA, Kitteh, Fred

LCROSS Mission

Yay, we're blowing up the moon! Actually, you don't see anything on the video from this morning. It's a shame it wasn't a little more spectacular because of all the hype it got. I hope NASA gets some seriously good data.

Sneezing Cat

I offer you a sneezing cat to reflect my home life. I, my wife, and my daughter - along with our two cats - apparently have a cold. I've never seen cats sneeze so much and I've had them for over 7 years.

Our dog is somehow unaffected.

And Fred Gives Advice

Again, from my daughter, only to shield you from the hell that is the She Wolf video. Feel free to put in the ear plugs or smash your computer monitor.

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