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Thursday, April 9, 2009

I Don't Patronize Bunnyrabbits!

While making my monthly trip to delete spam from a near-defunct AOL account, Walmart accosted me with a gigantic bunny.

AOL Killer Bunny

This, of course, occluded the story of a 3-ounce chihuahua named Tom Thumb who - at last report - was reasonably put off.

We've seen obnoxious ads blocking our reading of just about everything on the web for years now. And the simple act of writing about how annoying it is does what the ad itself could not: add a layer of promotion to the target.

So where does that leave the conversation? To we stifle it because it just gives them more attention, or bring further attention to it in a deliberate attempt to chastise the perpetrators of these annoyances? What are your thoughts?

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